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Asian American Health Initiative Community Health Needs Assessment

The lack of available data on health disparities affecting Asian American in Montgomery County has made it difficult to make an assessment of the current health status of Asian American population.  As one of the initial projects, AAHI worked with a research team from the University of Maryland, Department of Public and Community Health, to conduct the Health Needs Assessment of Asian American subgroups in Montgomery County.  AAHI sought to develop an initial health needs assessment and database to assess the health-related needs of its Asian American residents, particularly those who are low income and uninsured, and explore alternative approaches to alleviating health access barriers.  This health needs assessment database will help the AAHI to formulate and further refine a plan of action so that it is responsive to meeting those needs.

The needs assessment project included conducting focus groups and individual interviews that involved 61 local Asian American constituents and stakeholders within the seven major Asian American communities (Asian Indian, Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese).  The interview questions included community health issues, issues specific to subgroups (including seniors and children), disease specific concerns (such as cancer and Hepatitis B), and availability of community resources.

The project also included surveying Asian American community residents.  There were approximately 50-59 subjects from each community among the seven groups mentioned above.  The purpose of the survey was to determine the health status, health care access (by using the proxy of health insurance status), language barriers, and available community health resources for the Asian community in Montgomery County.

Based on some of the initial findings from the project, AAHI plans to develop a strategic plan to prioritize the health needs of Asian Americans in the County.  In addition, AAHI is aware of the limitation of the project.  Therefore, AAHI plans to build on this initial project to improve future health data collection and analysis among Asian American population. 

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